The Hills Church

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All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name.
Psalm 86:9


See 1,825 people surrender to Christ and be baptized


Become a multi-ethnic church


Be a church of at least 5 campuses


Engage members as advocates for 25 asylum-seeking families or individuals in our community


Help launch and/or support 15 new multi-ethnic church plants


Support the Livingstone International University community through prayer and by sending 20 members to teach, equip, and encourage


Reach the unreached by launching and supporting 5 church planting movements and by supporting Bible translation efforts in 5 new languages

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Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.
Joel 1:3


Launch and lead Celebrate Recovery and a Freedom Ministry for the redemption of broken generations


Raise up 25 new foster families in our church and train 100 members to serve foster families


Mobilize 2,000 members a year to serve in ministry to kids and students in our church and community


Launch a ministry residency program that trains at least 10 people for future service in the church


Guide 3,000 people to connect to God, church, and their purpose through Rooted, a small group discipleship experience


Strengthen marriages by developing relationship champions to impact and encourage 250 couples


Create an inter-generational mentoring experience for men and women on every campus with a goal of maturing 300 kingdom influencers

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Our goal for this 5-year vision is to average one person a day surrendering to Christ and getting baptized. We have seen 238 baptisms through the first 240 days of 2022. ( As of Aug. 28)

Our vision is for our church to look like our city, and our leadership to look like our church. Last year, we learned that our church family speaks 21 languages and has deep connections to 53 different countries. We are also celebrating that 7 out of our 21 new leaders are men of color. The Lord is working to bring people of every ethnicity together at The Hills because that is what His church really is.

We currently have 3 campuses in Keller, North Richland Hills, and West Fort Worth. We think our next campus will be our first campus in a different county and we feel strongly that it will be Dallas County.

We currently have 18 members who have been trained (or are in process) to be advocates, and 170 members who have volunteered with DASH in some way. These numbers represent 17 asylum-seeking families or individuals we have advocated for this past year. (8 families, 9 individuals)

For the next 5 years we want to help launch 3 new churches annually. So this year, we are currently helping 4 new churches get started:
1. SoFlo Church—West Palm Beach, FL.—Jamie and Alex Snyder
2. City Coast Church—Fairfield County CT.—Charlie and Leslie Welkie
3. The House—Ferguson, MO.—Lenny and Jennie Barber
4. Beacon Church—Londonderry, NH—Calvin and Tara Daly

Current enrollment is 230, and this October 73 students from 6 countries will be a part of LIU’s 7th graduating class. This year LIU will expand to 6 different degree programs, including degrees in Agriculture and Early Childhood Development.

This past year we’ve partnered with SEEDS, a Bible translation organization, in two efforts: starting a work with the Duke people in the Pacific Islands, and finishing a work with the Banda Linda people in the Central African Republic. We also recently sent a family to an undisclosed location for language training to begin a new translation work in a few years. And, we are partnering with a disciple-making movement in the Middle East that is witnessing unprecedented fruit.

We launched a CR ministry in the summer of 2021, and this past year we received certification to be affiliated with the global organization. Each Thursday evening about 100 people meet to worship Jesus, and then break into groups to pursue freedom from particular types of bondage. Between 20-40 volunteers show up each week to cook, teach, guide, and pray. This past year 8 individuals have surrendered to Christ and been baptized.

So far 5 families in our church have committed to foster, and there have been three placements. But while fostering is wonderful; it is also challenging, stressful, and exhausting. That’s why we want to provide training for the 100 members God will raise up to bless our fostering families. We are also introducing trauma informed training for the leaders in our kids’ and students’ ministries.

Through August of this year, we have identified 1,178 unique individuals who have served in our Next Gen ministries here at The Hills.

Our residents will be with us 9-12 months, working 25 hours a week. Our first two residents are Charity Young and Parisa Saatsaz. Both are serving in Women’s ministry, Charity is serving in worship ministry, and Parisa is serving in Celebrate Recovery.

To date, we have 293 alumni, and over 200 people are participating in 20 new groups this fall.

We have raised up and trained relationship champions in our churches to pour into couples, and through August, 45 marriages have been blessed.These marriages include those who attended our Nearly Wed seminar, our Enriching Your Marriage groups, and couples who just asked for help. This month, (August 2022), an additional 38 new couples have been paired with relationship champions through various marriage ministries in our church, bringing the current number of marriages encouraged to 83.

Our men are using a strategy called Radical Mentoring, which we launched last year on every campus with 4 groups. Our women are using a strategy called Gathered Groups, where the leader mentors her associates to become future leaders of their own Gathered Groups. In the first year, 32 women and 38 men were mentored, and that number will grow this coming year.